Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Measuring Culture C.

Yesterday I was creating a description of The Eight Considerations towards Changing Organizational Cultures. These best practices from Harrison Trice and Janice Beyer certainly are highly recommended reading if you have to walk the slippery road of organizational culture C.

While working on these considerations, that made me think it would be useful to have a methodology to measuring culture C. in order to determine if the culture C. process is actually making progress and how much progress it is making.

Measuring this kind of processes is far from easy, even if you can quantify certain things you still have to value the results (what I mean is you can measure the temperature increasing from 21 to 24 degrees, but whether that's cold or hot or even welcome or to be avoided remains a challenge).

Does any of you have a best practice method to share and recommend to measure organizational culture C.?


Blogger Roohul Haq said...

In my view,the organisational cultural change can be measured by the technique listed below

1) Each employee can be given a questionaire of sorts to indulge in making comments on their activities w.r.t
attributes like integrity,ethics,teamwork,trust,leadership skills,possesiveness,accountability,business acumen,proactiveness and related business work parameters.

The ratings can be on a scale of 0-10 and an analogy can be arrived at by grouping across all levels of the organisation say workers, supervisors,managers & top management.

Best practices can be adopted by scaling up the requirements on any 1 or 2 of the parameters listed above for rating ( in which the organisation as a whole is lagging ), bringing about value addition to the organisation .

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