Friday, July 09, 2004

10 Principles for the "soft side" of Managing Strategic C.

John Jones, DeAnne Aguirre and Matthew Calderone argue long-term structural transformation has four characteristics:
1. Scale (the C. affects all or most of the organization)
2. Magnitude (it involves significant alterations of the status quo)
3. Duration (it last for several months t least)
4. Strategic Importance.
For these circumstances, they provide 10 principles to managing the "soft side" of strategic C. (Strategy + Business, Summer 2004, Issue 35):
1. Address the human side systematically
2. Start at the top
3. Involve every layer
4. Make the formal case (articulate case for C. and create a written vision statement)
5. Create ownership (by leaders to make the C. happen, not just buy-in))
6. Communicate the message
7. Assess the cultural landscape (core values, beliefs, behaviors, perceptions)
8. Address culture explicitly (define an end-state culture)
9. Prepare for the unexpected
10. Speak to the individual
Do you have additional builds on these 10 C. principles?