Thursday, August 05, 2004

Swinging radical C.

Have you ever tried to teach an old dog a new trick? It’s not an easy task. As Management Consultant Rich DiGeorgio describes, its not just old dogs that are resistant to C. !
DiGeorgio documents the business struggles of a company attempting to put a new swing on Golf, in his article The Strategic Challenges of Bringing a Radical Idea to the Market Place. DiGeorgio uses the struggles of the Natural Golf, Inc., and its attempts to C. a traditional sport as a metaphor for business C. He starts with his new Natural Golf swing’s encounter with Tiger Woods, an encounter that humorously highlighted many questions about the challenges Natural Golf faces. “Research and common sense suggest that people prefer the status quo to C,” writes DiGeorgio. “Only about 30% of people embrace C. If you are embarking on a mission to change the way the world swings a golf club, you need to understand, at a very deep level, that golf is very traditional.”DiGeorgio connected with the Natural Golf Company and became interested in the massive challenges it has been facing to gain credibility in the market place. Many business leaders and managers will find the article’s message enlightening and interesting. How will Natural Golf gain credibility in the market place when none of the top pros uses it? What market niche is this very different golf swing going to appeal to first, to allow Natural Golf to get a foothold and survive financially? What is the best way to reach this market niche? I recommend this interesting and humorous article. Perhaps a new 'swing' is just what your own organization needs...